Traffic signs, roundabouts, narrow streets, lamp posts and traffic islands: they make life quite difficult for the transporter in the city. Therefore choose a mechanically steered trailer with a rod steering system from SEM. These are designed and produced in the Netherlands, according to the highest quality requirements. Also discover all the benefits? Check out our products here.

Benefit from free support

Cost-free support

Of course, we understand that adding a new brand of steering system to your product portfolio will involve some one-time costs. Drawings will need to be modified and some re-inspections may be required. Therefore, we are happy to offer both technical and financial support to offset these one-time costs.

From 15 November 2021 to 31 January 2022, you can benefit from our support free of charge.We will be happy to show you all the benefits and provide you with the best service and fully tailored advice.

Advantages SEM SB

  • Lightweight and robust.
  • Easy to install.
  • Applicable on every brand of axle.
  • Steers 1 to 2 axles.
  • Available for different trailer versions.

Exclusive technical support from IMS Group

Cooperating with a number of trailer builders, our R&D department has developed smart steering solutions that really make a difference. And we go beyond just developing the systems. Our experienced engineers also provide support in the areas of:

  • Support with technical modifications.
  • Support with first-time installation of the system.
  • Support with homologation and inspection.
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