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Tecma specializes in engineering and manufacturing customer-specific axles and suspensions and, in close cooperation with the vehicle manufacturer, offers customized solutions that fully meet the customer's needs in terms of applicability. With Tecma in the IMS Group portfolio, we offer every customer a "custom made" solution in the field of axles, suspensions and wheel suspensions. As soon as an axle is "not standard", Tecma comes into the picture!

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Tecma has been active in the development and production of custom axles and suspensions for 30 years. In those 30 years they have grown to become one of the most dynamic and innovative companies in this field. 

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Tecma srl has proven over the years to be one of the most dynamic and innovative companies in the industry. Tecma srl specializes in on-road and off-road trailer construction and has its own brake approval nrs 'TDB'. The company mission has always been focused on customer satisfaction. Tecma srl always offers a suitable solution that fully meets the customer requirements. 

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