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Traffic signs, roundabouts, narrow streets, lamp posts and traffic islands: they make life quite difficult for the transporter in the city. Therefore choose a mechanically steered trailer with a rod steering system from SEM. These are designed and produced in the Netherlands, according to the highest quality requirements.

SEM mechanical steering

The SEM-SB steering system is a single-bar mechanical steering system for trailers. With a single bar system, the whole axle, including the suspension, is mounted on a turntable: so when taking a bend, the whole axle rotates. The main benefits of this steering configuration are its simplicity and robustness – it is also easy to install.

The main component of the SEM single bar steering system is a steering wedge. This is connected to the truck’s fifth wheel coupling, enabling the steering movement to be transferred directly to the rear axle(s).

The system is available for various trailer designs, enabling various chassis widths, coupling pressures and axle groups to be equipped with an SEM SB system.

Smart technical solutions

At IMS Group, we always aim to provide the best and that is why we only supply premium-brand products. But we go one step further than that: our R&D department works with trailer manufacturers to design smart technical solutions that will really make a difference – today and in the future.

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