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Traffic signs, roundabouts, narrow streets, lamp posts and traffic islands: they make life quite difficult for the transporter in the city. Therefore choose a mechanically steered trailer with a rod steering system from SEM. These are designed and produced in the Netherlands, according to the highest quality requirements.

IMS Group for a top-quality rod system

At IMS Group, we have years of expertise in the design and application of steering systems for trailers, such as mechanical steering systems. These systems are beneficial as they combine relatively low purchase costs with broad applicability and simple installation. Choosing a mechanical steering system via IMS Group means choosing a steering system from a top brand such as GreenSteering or SEM: Steering systems that have already proven themselves in practice. With a mechanical steering system, your trailers become more manoeuvrable, making previously inaccessible places accessible thus preventing damage – and therefore saving on insurance in the long term. Moreover, due to the lower rolling resistance, more precise steering behaviour and the fact that the driver has to brake less, a steered trailer contributes to lower emissions of particulate matter and CO2 – therefore to more sustainable transport.

Rod steering systems from IMS Group

The SEM-SB steering system is a "Single-Bar" mechanical steering system for steering the trailer. With a single-bar system the complete axle, including the suspension, is mounted on a bogie. So when driving through a bend the complete axle turns. The main advantages of a bar steering system are simplicity and robustness. But also the easy assembly is a good reason to choose a rod steering system.

Why choose a rod steering system of IMS Group?

IMS Group not only supplies steering systems, but also perfect service. Together with a number of trailer builders, our R&D department has developed smart steering solutions that really make the difference. If trailer builders wish to get a tailor-made advice, we get around the table to determine the ideal rod steering system for the trailer. After purchase, our experienced engineers provide support with technical adjustments to the trailers, initial installation of the system and the required homologation and inspection. In addition, IMS Group can deliver the systems throughout Europe within 8 weeks.

Sustainable transport with rod steering systems

Furthermore, a more precisely steered trailer has lower rolling resistance and causes the driver to brake less. This saves on fuel consumption and tire wear and it is sustainable because it reduces CO2 and particulate emissions. With a trailer that has a rod steering system, hauliers therefore make an important contribution to more sustainable transport and a green future.

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