Reduction of the Total Cost of Ownership

The solutions provided by IMS Group will reduce the Total Cost of Ownership of your fleet by reducing maintenance, fuel and damage costs.

Reduction of fuel costs

A steered trailer uses less fuel. A non-steered trailer has a higher rolling resistance and therefore a greater frictional force on bends than a steered trailer. Take bends smoothly without having to accelerate. Roundabouts can be negotiated in a single flowing movement. The result: significantly reduced fuel consumption.

Less wear and tear on tyres

Trailer tyres can easily cost a couple of hundred euros each so it would be ideal if their service life could be extended. A steered trailer can turn that ideal into a reality, with tyres lasting no less than 400% longer than before. By reducing rolling resistance and consequently friction, surface wear is reduced considerably. An additional benefit: a tyre that wears at a slower rate also reduces particulate emissions significantly.

Reduced damage costs

A traffic sign knocked over here, a couple of broken paving slabs there. With a non-steered trailer, damage is sometimes difficult to avoid – certainly in the narrow streets of a busy city centre. A steered trailer will reduce damage costs significantly. That is because a steered trailer can be manoeuvred with greater precision, reducing the risk of damage considerably. Apart from the inconvenience and potential risk, it is also good for your wallet.

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