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With an electrohydraulic steering system, almost no conceivable location is off limits. It is also easy to install, giving trailer manufacturers unprecedented freedom to incorporate this type of system in their designs. IMS Group is happy to help with customisation and R&D.

Intelligent and configurable

Electrohydraulic steering systems

Optimum manoeuvrability without taking up installation space: an electrohydraulic system from VSE combines these two characteristics. Because the system can be configured with one to three steered axles, the number of possible applications is endless.

An electrohydraulic steering system is a future-oriented solution that will also soon deliver a return on your investment. Why? Because it will enable you to significantly standardise and improve the productivity of your fleet, almost removing the need for smaller city trailers altogether since a single trailer will be able to access previously inaccessible locations. Because the system takes up very little installation space and is no less than 500 kilos lighter than most mechanical systems, you make significant savings on fuel while retaining optimal loading capacity.

Optimize your trailer

Advantages of VSE Steering Systems

  • Optimal manoeuvrability, also when reversing
  • Easy to install
  • Can be used on any brand of trailing axle
  • VSE uses software to achieve the ideal steering angle
  • Retrofit possible with Smart Steering
  • Easy to use remote control with VSE Advanced and Special steering systems

In-house R&D for smart steering solutions

At IMS Group, we always aim to provide the best and that is why we only supply premium-brand products. But we go one step further than that: our R&D department works with trailer manufacturers to design smart steering solutions that will really make a difference – today and in the future.”

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