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VSE is the leading manufacturer of electrohydraulic trailer steering systems for creating optimal manoeuvrability without sacrificing loading capacity.

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Electrohydraulic steering systems

VSE Smart Steering is a steering assistance system that allows a trailing axle to be actively steered when driving forwards or reversing with a trailer.

VSE Basic Steering is a standard system for trailers with a maximum of 3 axles and 1 steered axle which has an electrically driven pump.

VSE Special Steering uses a pump on the truck that is driven by the engine. When the truck is at a standstill, the pump can also be used for other systems such as a truck-mounted crane or tipping cylinder.

VSE Advanced Steering has an electrically driven pump. The steering system is powered by the truck via a 24 V connection which can also be used for charging if the system is equipped with batteries.

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