Truck and trailer parts

IMS Group is your partner for truck and trailer parts. We can help you select the right parts with a long service life and also provide outstanding aftersales service.

Numerous benefits

Benefits of truck and trailer parts

  • High availability

    We guarantee high availability of stock truck and trailer parts.

  • Fast delivery

    Because we have our own logistics partner, we can guarantee fast delivery.

  • Qualified employees

    Our employees are qualified and well-trained so we can guarantee that you will be given expert advice.

  • Personal contact

    We can maintain personal contact with you via our permanent team of account managers.

  • Internal and external training

    We offer both internal and external training.

  • Good advice

    Good advice is essential when choosing and installing parts.

  • Daily service

    At IMS, experienced service personnel are always ready to provide the support that is needed. They are familiar with part specifications and installation requirements.

Parts On Demand


IMS Group has an extensive stock of original SAF-HOLLAND parts that can be swiftly distributed from our warehouses in the central Netherlands and central England. We can also provide you with the specialist tools required in order to carry out many of the maintenance procedures on SAF-HOLLAND equipment.

The message to customers is simple: in order for SAF-HOLLAND axles to function safely and efficiently for longer periods of time, the same components as the ones installed in the factory must be installed, i.e. OE parts from SAF-HOLLAND.

SAF Holland GmbH has stored all of its documentation in an online database. That “Parts on demand” database shows drawings and parts lists of both SAF, + GF + and Holland parts.





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