SEM SI-H (Hydraulic)

- Under development -

SI-H is an independent hydraulic axle suspension system. Hydraulic suspension is the type to choose if you are looking for extra stability by loading with a high centre of gravity. It also has the benefit of a larger suspension stroke compared to air suspension, enabling the bogie to be lowered down to the ground and also pumped up high enough to give sufficient ground clearance on uneven terrain such as building sites.

The system is supplied with wheel housings, suitable for 2 or 3 axles.

Options include a variety of axle brands, axle spacings and axle loads.<165/>

Optimal use of space

Independent wheel suspension

Independent wheel suspension allows you to transport up to 38% more using the same trailer. The SEM SI system is an independent wheel suspension system for semi-trailers and trailers. The lack of a continuous axle means greater construction freedom and often makes it possible to create more loading space. The system is often used in double-deck trailers, inloaders for concrete and glass, livestock trucks and forklift & boat trailers.

Benefits of an SI system:

  • Easy to install
  • Low-maintenance
  • A choice of axle brands
  • choice of suspension type: Pneumatic or Hydraulic

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