SEM SB2: 2 axles steered

The SEM SB2 system can steer 2 axles and because its configuration and construction are almost identical to the SB1 system, it offers the same benefits. The steering of 2 axles is made possible by the addition of a second bogie connected to the rear bogie by means of a single bar. The more steered axles there are on a trailer, the more benefits that trailer will have to offer.

The system can be configured for various types of trailers – from 2- up to 5-axle – to enable the steering of 2 axles from the axle group.


Specifications of the
SEM SB2: 2 axles steered

Steering element Number of axles Number of axles steered Steering behaviour Steering system Front unit
Single bar 2-5 2 Progressive A-Steered From 90mm


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Why choose a single bar steering system?

  • The trailer will follow the line taken by the truck more closely so that its movement is more streamlined on bends.
  • Because the trailer follows the line taken by your truck more closely, it also becomes easier to manoeuvre.
  • The improved ease of manoeuvring and the saving on space when taking a bend increases the usability of your trailer.
  • Increasing usability has a direct positive effect on the efficient use of your transport equipment.
  • A trailer steering system reduces the friction when taking a bend.
  • As a result of that reduction in friction, less energy is required leading to savings on fuel consumption and tyre wear.
  • The reduced energy consumption brought about by a steering system on a trailer in turn leads to lower emissions including CO2. Therefore it is better for the environment.
  • Reduced particulate emissions.
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