Complete mechanical air suspension system with a range of configuration options to meet your special needs.

Capacity: 9000 kg to 48,000 kg

Designed for use in special conditions and on rough terrain, the Type VB suspension system can be configured according to your special needs.

Choose from more than 40 different axle types in single- and multi-axle assembly configurations, with different wheelbases and single or twin tyres. A heavy-duty version is also available.


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Characteristics of the SAF Type WB

  • Benefits for the trailer manufacturer

    • Easy attachment to the chassis and simple transverse and longitudinal reinforcement due to the practical and solid design of the mounting brackets.
    • The use of a very strong, weldable material for the mounting bracket makes homogeneous welding possible without the need for special welding instructions.
    • Maintenance-free, adjustable longitudinal torsion arms supported by rubber/metal bushes (1 x per axle) allow easy and precise track adjustment. This facilitates the attachment of the suspension to the chassis and prolongs the service life of the tyres.
    • Available with suspension system loads of 9 to 48 tons in single, tandem or tridem axle configuration (higher loads on request).
  • Benefits for the end user

    • Higher loading capacity due to the use of weight-optimised, sturdy components.
    • Good manoeuvrability of the tractor/trailer combination thanks to short wheelbases (1360 mm).
    • Long service life for equalizers on account of the support provided by brass bushes.
    • Efficient axle load distribution due to high compensating ride. This also results in uniform brake force distribution, and consequently uniform wear to brake linings, higher vehicle stability and safer driving behaviour.
    • Longer service life for the springs and mounting brackets due to the use of wear-resistant, exchangeable spring slide plates.

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