SAF W-Bogie

Suspension system for special and heavy transport applications on particularly rough terrain.

Capacity: 24,000 to 32,000 kg

This suspension system is designed for transporting heavy loads under very special conditions and on extremely rough terrain. High capacities and exceptionally high travel ensure optimal off-road operation.


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Characteristics of the SAF W-Bogie

  • Proven

    With this suspension system, the trailer chassis and the spigot mount are directly connected, removing the need for additional fixing brackets.

  • Strong

    The spigot connection is extremely strong and wear-resistant. Thick-walled brass bearing bushes, mounted as suspended elements, guarantee durability and less maintenance on the spigot tube bearing.

  • Easy to install

    The solid mounting plate fits all trailers. Simple installation saves time and money.

  • Reliable

    The spring ends are attached to the axles and clamped in rubber. Strong, reliable leaf springs ensure the alignment of the axle under all road conditions.

  • Better driving quality

    The extremely high travel ensures superior driving behaviour in off-road conditions.

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