The GreenSteering® XST54X is a linear trailer steering system for regional, interanational and inner-city distribution. The four X-steered axles improve trailer manoeuvrability and lower the total cost of ownership by:

  • Optimal manoeuvrability
  • Less fuel consumption
  • Longer tyre life
  • Less CO2 emissions

With a steered trailer, you transport as much volume as with 10 vans or 1.5 box trucks. Fewer trips, means less damage to the environment.

The unique, globally patented linear mechanical steering system is lighter and more durable than other steering systems. Due to the lower overall weight, it is possible to load more weight per trailer. Applicable to different types of trailers.


Specifications of the

Steering element Number of axles Number of axles steered Steering behaviour Steering system Height of front unit
HTC Cable 5 4 Linear X-Steered 80 mm


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XST steering systems

View the worldwide patented XST54X steering system in 3D

By choosing a GreenSteering steering system, you are helping to create a greener planet and saving on unnecessary CO2, NOX and particulate emissions. Create a better future for us all and for your business.

  • Save on engineering and tyre costs
  • Reduce CO2 emissions
  • Reduce particulate emissions
  • Reduce and save on fuel consumption

Facts about the XST54X

  • Safer

    The GreenSteering® XST54X steering module provides a higher level of safety than a rigid axle trailer. The extreme manoeuvrability and linear character of the steering system make turning and reversing extremely easy. Safer for pedestrians and cyclists. GreenSteering® restricts jackknifing. Safer for the driver and the public.

  • Better for your tyres and roads

    A non-steered five-axle semi-trailer generates an extremely high level of tyre friction when manoeuvring and scrubs its tyres to an extreme extent when turning. This can cause serious damage to the road surface, kerbs and loading docks. With the GreenSteering® XST54X, all this becomes a thing of the past. With the XST54X, significantly less friction is generated when manoeuvring so that tyres last up to 250% longer. Lower costs for the taxpayer and more profit for the transport company.

  • Higher loading capacity

    The XST54X from GreenSteering® ensures a higher loading capacity than trailers equipped with other mechanical steering systems. The axles are further apart, reducing the risk of overloading.

  • More stable road behaviour

    The GreenSteering® XST54X steers four axles of the semi-trailer in a counter = X movement so that the driver experiences extreme manoeuvrability at low speeds and stability at higher speeds. Because the axles are actively steered, reversing manoeuvres are just as easy as forward manoeuvres. There is no need to lock the axle when reversing as it is actively steered. No noise generated by the scrubbing of tyres so noise emissions are low, making the system ideal for night-time distribution. With the GreenSteering® XST54X system, you will be able to access locations that would be inaccessible with a rigid trailer, enabling you to transport more freight to “difficult to reach locations” than ever before in a single trip – and at less cost to you.

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